N e u r o s u r g e o n    i n    t h e    P h i l i p p i n e s










A 65-year-old man consulted due to blurring of vision and headache. He was unable to see the sides (“hindi nakikita ang gilid”), which nearly caused him to have an accident while driving. He also felt tired all the time and had no energy, which he initially thought was part of growing older. 

Brain MRI showed a tumor near the center of the brain. Because the tumor is very near the pituitary gland, which produces a lot of the important hormones in the body, further blood tests were done to check the hormone levels. It was found that the patient had low cortisol and low thyroid hormones, resulting in tiredness and lack of energy. Hormone replacement was started. 

The patient underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Most of the tumor was removed except for some parts of the capsule that was stuck to important parts of the brain. The patient’s vision improved after the surgery. The biopsy result was craniopharyngioma, a benign (not cancerous) brain tumor, which can be seen in both children and adults. 

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