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A 10-year-old boy with heart disease was brought to the ER for drowsiness, fever, and right-sided weakness of a few days’ duration. On examination, he was drowsy but able to open eyes to speech and follow commands. He also had right-sided weakness. CT scan of the brain showed a brain abscess in the left parietal area, measuring approximately 35 cc in volume.

After securing clearance from cardiology, the patient underwent drainage of the abscess. The abscess fluid was yellowish-green in color, thick, viscous, and foul smelling. Samples were sent to the lab for culture, so that we will know what type of organism is causing the abscess and what are the best antibiotics to use against it. The patient improved after the surgery, and after antibiotics were started. Antibiotics will have to be continued for several weeks to properly treat the brain abscess, or else it will recur.

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